How to juice limes and lemons

It’s not a silly question! Epicurious polled 50 people and most did not know how!

We happened to see this viral video from Epicurious:

Our preferred technique is close to the demonstration by the chef towards the end. We:

  • Warm the fruit for 15 minutes in warm water
  • Roll each piece on the counter with the palm of the hand as we take it out of the water
  • Cut in half
  • Place the halves one at a time in a hand squeezer, cut side facing the holes (as the chef demonstrates)
  • Squeeze over a large mixing bowl
  • Strain the collected juice when we transfer it from the mixing bowl to a bottle or measuring cup for use

We don’t normally use a hand reamer for the same reason that we don’t like to use a power mixer. Both tend to grind the white pith too hard and make the juice bitter.

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